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These days are stressful and tense for everyone. The theme of war can make you feel uncomfortable, affect your psychological state and communication with others. Nevertheless, the first help for adapting to change is to focus on things you can control by yourself. During the lecture „Adaptations to change: How to help yourself and others“ you will learn about:
• Training psychological resilience in practice;
• Conscious breathing, grounding techniques, meditation and how it can help you to unite your body, mind, feelings, and find peace;
• How to provide psychological help to others following the crisis management model for the Israeli army;
• Recommendations on how to feel better in emotionally difficult situations with loved ones, colleagues;
• Answers to your questions about war psychology etc.

Lecture will be held by lecturer Karolina Puzinaitė – military psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist and mediator.

We are inviting you to this lecture, that will be held on April 19th, 06:00 PM, at Vilniaus st. 22, Vilnius (,,Naktinis Vilniaus avilys”). You can find the exact location here:

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