LiPSA/ 8 balandžio, 2022/ LiPSA renginiai

In this lecture Jevgenij Razgulin will discuss the environmental features that foreign people and students from abroad encounter when arriving to a new country, how they adapt to new conditions, what kind of problems they face, how these problems can affect their psychological and physical health and the importance of helping foreigners to integrate into the new surroundings. In addition, the lecturer will briefly present his research and results on this topic.

This lecture will be held by Jevgenij Razgulin – a psychologist, LSMU health psychology departments lecturer and doctorate. For 7 years he worked as a psychologist with students from abroad and right now he is an acting head at Division of International Partnerships in LSMU International Relations and Study Center.

We are inviting you to this lecture, that will be held on April 21st, 06:00 PM, at V. Putvinskio st. 23, Kaunas (VMU Faculty of Humanities).

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